3801 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314 718-285-4329 info@statenislandcrossfit.com

What we do…

At SIC, we work with every individual to accomplish their fitness goals. This is not a bootcamp. You will not be yelled at or forced to do things you are not comfortable with. It is personal training in a group setting. You will be expertly guided through our program, which is based on weightlifting and body weight movements. You will be more fit today than you were yesterday.

What you pay for…

SIC is a fitness school. Our coaching staff is a team of highly skilled teachers. You will learn something new in every class. You will receive individual attention in the group environment. You are paying for the expertise our coaches have to offer. You are not paying for a “gym membership.” You are paying for attention and guidance. And you get what you pay for. We are a no-contract gym. You can quit whenever you’d like with no hidden penalty fees or obligations.

Is CrossFit for you?

Ultimately, CrossFit can be for anyone and everyone. The movements and workouts are scalable to anyone’s abilities. Many people feel they need to be “in shape” before they start CrossFit. This is a misconception. CrossFit gets you into shape. Our coaches have no expectations from you on day one. It is not a contest or competition. You will train, learn and grow with CrossFit. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in when you start. So, is CrossFit for you? There is only one way to find out.