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15 Responses to “Member Feedback”

  1. Mojito Joe says:

    I came into Staten Island Crossfit with one goal in mind… I wanted to get in shape for the Spartan Sprint race. Coach Marc & Dan were up for the challenge and confident that they get me to my goal.

    As days turned to weeks I was getting stronger, faster, and leaner… My mindset had changed. Now it wasn’t just getting shape for a race it was changing how I eat, think, train, etc… I felt better as a person more centered and focused.

    Thru the guidance and motivation of my coaches I have since done my Spartan race and completed it in the goal time. And it doesn’t stop there I set new goals and surpass them.

    Thank you to Coach Marc & Dan as well as the staff of SIC.

    Mojito Joe

  2. Frank (phrank) says:

    I walked in the box in February and was Back Squating 135 lbs…4 months later. I’m doing 335 lbs and consistently adding 10 lbs a week. I experience levels of strength and endurance that 4 months ago were impossible.

  3. David L says:

    When I joined Staten Island Crossfit I wanted to become a more generally fit individual but my main focus was to step up the training I had been doing on my own to get myself on the summit of Mt. Rainier.

    I knew when I was training for my climb that I needed more and crossfit was exactly what I was looking for. It turned out to be a great place with great people and doing the latest WOD is almost always on my mind.

    In the grueling 4 days it took to climb Mt. Rainier I surprised myself. This was the hardest physical and mental undertaking that I had ever done and crossfit prepared me better than anything else could have. While some of my team members were huffing and puffing their way up the mountain (much more experienced than I might I add) I generally had an easier time and was able to enjoy myself more than I would have having not joined Staten Island Crossfit.

    I can’t wait to go even bigger next time and I am forever grateful to Dan, Marc, and the rest of the SIC team!

  4. Johnny RUGZZ says:

    You guys make me feel comfortable when I’m there. You guys really care. I love SIC and ill always be a member.

  5. carrieann says:

    The best gym ever. I will never go back to a normal gym. The results from SIC are amazing

  6. Sav says:

    I guess I was like most of you when joining Crossfit, heard about it from someone and wanted to see what it was all about. Been workin out on and off for years, have done triathlons (not iron mans like murph, but enough), but never found anything I could really stick with.

    Crossfit has been such an amazing experience for me as it has for all of us. I’m down over 27lbs and can do things now I would have never dreamed of doing (double unders, hand stand pushups, list goes on) while working out next to such great people. Totally hooked!!!

    None of this possible without the best coaches out there. I talk to many people who go to other crossfit gyms and none of them do WODs anywhere near ours. Glad to be part of such a top notch gym.

    Special thanks to Coaches Dan, Marc, Tommy and Tracy…always so much energy pushing you to the next level.

    Keep kickin ass

  7. Pammy G says:

    Every time I attempt to write a testimonial, I erase it. I’m having trouble expressing in appropriate words, just how much Staten Island Crossfit means to me. At the risk of sounding corny or cliché, Staten Island Crossfit has changed my life. Not only I am a stronger, faster, and fitter individual, I am mentally tougher . Crossfit forces you to take yourself to levels of fitness you never would have dreamed possible. But fitness is just the surface. Gaining fitness and looking great is a bonus. Crossfit is FUN ! Crossfit makes you feel good. You think runners’ high is nice? Try the addicting euphoria of finishing a total body workout that challenges your mind as well as every muscle in your body. You feel exhausted and energized at the same time.
    But that’s not all. Crossfit is about the people. Can you remember the last time you took an aerobics class or lifted weights at the gym and then afterwards told the person next to you ” great job?” Do you remember ever actually cheering the person next to you on as they squat their heaviest weight or run next to you on the treadmill ? At Crossfit, we know everyone’s name. They become your second family. You compete against the clock next to them and then cheer each other on. You encourage each other. You support each other.
    At the heart of it all at Staten Island Crossfit are Marc and Dan and the rest of the coaching staff. They teach you, guide you and MAKE YOU BETTER. Staten Island Crossfit isn’t their job. It’s their life. They pour their souls into helping you achieve your goals and then go a step further and make new goals. Second to meeting and marrying my husband (also a crossfitter!) Staten Island Crossfit is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life without it.

  8. Fred says:

    Wow is all I have to say, been work out guy for many years , but after day 1 felt like I never worked out in my life, looking forward to workout # 2

  9. Missy says:

    Thank you so much SIC for making me feel like an athlete again! I love the Crossfit Lifestyle. Thank you to Coach Dan, Marc, Ashley, Vinny, and Tom for pushing me every day, helping me to become a better version of myself. I am very blessed to be part of the SIC family and wouldn’t have it any other way! SIC rocks!

  10. Steve C says:

    Unfortunately this is my last week at SIC – I am moving back to Manhattan next week and am not sure if I will be able to say goodbye to everyone in person. I could not thank all the coaches, especially Marc, Dan and Ashley, as well as each and everyone of you. I love our gym so much and was legitimately excited to go to class every single day. I consider many of you my good friends and marveled at the astonishing accomplishments I witnessed by our community over the last nine months. I will definitely be back at the gym a few days throughout the winter, just unfortunately not as often. I will always consider myself part of the SIC family. I will miss you all and wish you nothing but the best.

  11. yonah cohen says:

    I went to SIC for like 3 months. I got trained by Dan and Marc. I loved it there, so free so nice. I left to go out of town and put on like 20 pounds. I wish I was there.

  12. Murph says:

    At Staten Island CrossFit, the idea of simply “getting in a workout” is left in the parking lot and tossed into the dumpster.

    When you walk through these doors, you’re entering a community – where every shape, size, age, gender and personality is welcomed with open arms. Here, you are judged by a sole metric: “How hard did you push yourself today?” The only expectation – ever – is that you try your best. And you’ll have plenty of encouragement to do so along the way, with about a half dozen of the most committed coaches in the region guiding you to the best shape and mental state of your life.

    “CrossFit” means different things to different people. I’ll let you script your own definition. To me, CrossFit is this humble, tucked-away gym on Victory Boulevard, where I’ve achieved (and seen more achieved) in two years than I ever thought possible.

    I entered SIC with fierce skepticism in March of 2012. Two years later, I am proud to call it my home.

  13. Cid says:

    CrossFit or Staten Island CrossFit. “SIC” This is not for everyone. This is only for the few that really want to see results in everything physical, mental you name it.
    I have never been athletic by any account and I never thought I could be. I certainly never thought I could be addicted to working out. I have had other “GYM” memberships that I paid for but never attended and for years this went on because it was boring and I had no clue what I was doing. SIC is different you come in see what’s on the white board or the “WOD” you do it the best you can and just watch your body and mind change right before you very eyes. Every day is different every week you will see gains every month you will set new goals. You will be amazed at what you are capable of achieving.
    All this would not be possible without an amazing coaching staff, superb programing and the cheers from all the other members. They are truly top notch and this I know because although I have only been doing CrossFit for 8 months I have visited other “BOXES” in my travels and trust me no one has come even close to what we do in SIC.
    Did I mention that when I started in Oct of 2013 I was over 200lbs and could only do 3 ugly pull-ups and now I’m 170lbs and can do 35 slightly ugly pull-ups.
    I promise you that if you are committed to change and you join SIC you will NOT be disappointed.

  14. Adrienne says:

    I became a part time member of SIC when they opened in 2012. At the time, they were the closest affiliate even though I live in New Jersey. Now, I literally have a box a mile down the road, but I still schedule my gym time at SIC around my trips to Staten Island because the coaching is just that good. They’ve done all their homework. They will demand the best of you, correct your form, keep you safe, and reserve their judgements.

    I started crossfitting and running competitively at the same time. This has been tricky to mesh together, and is still work in progress. However, 2 years later, although the curve has flattened out a bit, and I am often derailed by my own delusions of recovering like a 20 year old, I am still adding weight to the bar and PRing my races. No, I can’t kip very well, and my Olympic lifts are shameful, but that just gives me reasons to keep coming back.

    If you are not competitive or athletic, I would say who cares? Be competitive with yourself. Set new goals. Do this for your health. Revamping my diet and dialing up the intensity was the best thing I could have done for myself. I am putting the smackdown on my family history of type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. I laugh when people talk about post baby weight. I actually weigh 5 lbs more than before I had children but dropped 3 pants sizes. Occasionally someone asks me if I’m afraid of gaining more. I tell them I’m afraid of not busting through a new back squat pr. Taking care of myself has allowed me to cut my asthma medication in half. I don’t think paleo and exercising right and sleeping 8 hours a night will cure every ailment, but it can only make you better, I promise.

    Best for last- the real reason I will keep coming back are the other athletes (yes, you can call yourself that without hesitation). SIC has the hardest working group of positive people I know. To be surrounded by that kind of collective- all with different goals, but all giving 110% carries me for the rest of my day in everything I do. I can lift/run/wod at home. But I will keep going to class there because it inspires me to do better.

    So to every one of you who has been a part of my journey, thank you! You’re not my family (can’t pick them)- you’re more like my sweaty soulmates 🙂

  15. Paul DiDonato says:

    So it has been one year since I walked into the Box “SIC” and started my journey.
    Before that, I had 3 gym memberships for over 3+ years and never went to any of them regularly.
    One of them was even down the hall from my office at work. I was however participating in a
    boot camp three times a week. The average age was 65. Even though I was working out with people
    20 years my senior, I was out of breath and dying after almost every workout. Out of shape and
    80 pounds overweight that was me. I used to come home from work and fall asleep on the couch and have restless
    nights in bed(not the fun type either lol). I had grown accustom to the remarks of “You don’t look that big” or
    “You carry your weight well”, XXL shirts untucked, and 46-48 waist pants with the adjustable waist was my wardrobe.
    At my physical, I was 320 pounds and had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. My blood work
    read like a the roster of Harvard freshman SAT scores. I knew nothing can come good of it. Then during a local political campaign I met Gil Tal. He started telling me about Isagenix and Crossfit. Though I did not buy into the isagenix speech(was already down that road before) I was kind of intrigued about CrossFit. In my mind, working out was 1 hour cardio and 2 hours weight training. I never thought I would benefit from the “crazy” routines that were done at CrossFit.
    Day after day he kept busting my chops, “when are you joining”,” just do it”, blah blah….I thought to myself, I probably
    would die after the first workout as I cannot even keep up with this boot camp I am doing.
    So one day I made the plunge and shut Gil up…LOL! and signed up for foundations. I met with Kevin and James during my foundations and learned about the movements which I was getting tired just watching them performed before my foundation class and nutrition.
    I was already on a roll of losing some weight, and when I joined I jumped on the Paleo Shred fest challenge Dan and Marc started. I thought to myself, this workout routine will last a month or two and I will be back to being the fat miserable self I was and probably be in the ground in 5-10 years. Well, I started to eat Paleo and come to the gym. I would look at the WOD and say I cannot do that, so I didn’t go. Then I learned to overcome my fear of being scared of something I didn’t understand and started coming every night. I went home sore every night but came back the next day with eagerness.
    I started to get stronger and shed pounds. I was sleeping through the night and had lots of energy.
    By the time September rolled around I was down nearly 70 pounds and for the first time fit into a size 38 slim fit pants and L shirt. Though the pants size was short lived as the more I squatted the bigger my quads became and had to change to a regular fit, but still size 38! LOL The last time I was a size 38, Bill Clinton was in office.
    I also at that time competed in my first OCR which was a blast. The last race of any kind was back in 1998.
    I just recently completed the Spartan Beast(13 miles) and have already signed up for the Super(8 miles), the CMC again and a Spartan Sprint(3.5 miles) Never in my life I would thought I would be doing them.
    But enough of my soapbox…If I never joined SIC, I do honestly think I would have never done any of this and still be a fat miserable sick individual.
    Everyone that is a coach at SIC is awesome. They know their shit! They make it look easy and at the same time they make you feel comfortable. You can bust their chops no matter any time of the day or night if you have a question, just ask Marc, LOL and they give you the little extra motivation to finish a WOD or some criticism of your movements to be a better athlete. Now I am far from the strongest person at the gym, but no matter your skill or strength, they are there to help you as with all the members too. Many people have used the cliché of “it’s like a family” to describe SIC, and they couldn’t be any more right. At a regular gym, you maybe know 1 or 2 names of the people you work out with, @ SIC you know almost all of them, and the ones you don’t you still have friendly conversations with. Bottom line, and I know it sounds crazy, but this place saved my life. It made me aware of fitness and eating right in only 1 year. Something 20+ years couldn’t do. DO I cheat eating, yes, do I still have work to do with movements! Hell Yes!! But SIC has laid the framework for me and to see the results I have seen by following it, is simply amazing. Now, I am passing it off on my son which I hope he gets a better understanding of fitness and health by participating in CrossFit at SIC.
    It’s only been a year for me but in this year I have put many more back into my life, and for that I cannot thank you guys enough!
    Just a note: When I started a year ago, I was on 4 different Meds and Type 2 Diabetes. As of this date, I am no longer on any meds, no more T2 Diabetes and my blood work is amazing, so much that my doctor wants me to present in front of a roundtable of sales reps and health care practitioners at my job about my story of health and I will definitely give you guys a HUGE Shout Out!
    Thanks Dan,Marc,Kevin,James,Doug and Ashley!! You guys Rock!!