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CrossFit can be for anyone and everyone.

The movements and workouts are scalable to anyone’s abilities. Many people feel they need to be “in shape” before they start CrossFit. This is a misconception. CrossFit gets you into shape.

Our coaches have no expectations from you on day one. It is not a contest or competition. You will train, learn and grow with CrossFit. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in when you start.

So, is CrossFit for you? There is only one way to find out.



I came to this CF facility intimidated that I wouldn’t fit in or that I wouldn’t be able to compete and keep up with the other members It was totally the opposite the coaches are all great the members are all great they took me in and treated me like family from day one the help and support that you get from this location is incredible. I never did any type of CrossFit workouts and here they take their time and make sure you learn the right way with out any pressure. My only regret is that I wish I would have started this years ago. But it’s never too late. Marc keep up the great job running this place.

Tony R.,

SIC is by far the best gym on Staten Island. I frequently drop in when I am in town and the entire SIC community welcomes me in like family. The programming is excellent, the coaches are awesome, and the space is big. Working out here is the highlight of my trips to the island!  I enthusiastically recommend SIC to anyone looking for a box to call home. Can’t wait to be back in town!

Christina Y.,

Great group of people, very inviting. The box was programmed perfectly to fit my needs. We walked in and without question worked in with the rest. Will be 100% coming back next time we visit. Thank you for the hospitality.

Daniel E.,

We dropped in for open gym on Saturday….great box!! We will be back every time we visit the island. Thanks for having us!

Alyssa N.,

my second time in the area for work and I can’t say enough about this place. programming is that visceral throat punch programming that after you pick you butt up off the floor you say “let’s do that again!!”. very much appreciate a good box when away from home. thanks for being so welcoming. great athletes to challenge yourself with and the box mascots are incredibly friendly too!!!

Rob S.,

“Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count”



Marc Messinger
Marc MessingerCoach / Owner
Marc was born and raised in Staten Island, where he currently resides with his wife and two children. With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Rutgers University, Marc applies a scientific approach to all aspects of his life including coaching. After spending years as a sedentary adult Marc woke up one day ready to take his fitness and life into his own hands. With a love for science and a new found interest in fitness, CrossFit was a perfect match. Spending the next few years commited to the principals of CrossFit and its nutritional prescription; Marc has transformed his body composition, level of fitness and personal life. Marc finds that fitness is more than a means to “looking good” but a sense of increased worth in ones life. This impact CrossFit has had on Marc’s life has created a drive to teach and impact others lives.
Stella Ladao
Stella LadaoCoach /Co-Owner
Board Certified Chiropractor since 1998
CrossFit Level 1 Certified
USAW certified
CrossFit Strongman Certification
Power Monkey Camp 2017
Olympic Training Hall Camp 2016

2015 Masters Qualifier top 158th Worldwide open 40-44
2016 Masters Qualifier top 150th Worldwide open 40-44
2017 Masters Qualifier 10th Worldwide open 45-49
2015 Wodapalooza Qualifier
2016 Wodapalooza Qualifier

2016 Pan Am Masters record holder snatch clean and jerk total
2017 American Masters record holder snatch and total
2015 Metropolitan Weightlifting Championships masters outstanding lifter
2016 Metropolitan Weightlifting Championships masters outstanding lifter

Sade Jeannot
Sade JeannotCoach
.CF level one certified
.Emergency medical technician
.Accomplishment-granite games 2017
Amanda Mendoza
Amanda MendozaCoach
Born in raised in Staten Island Amanda was always active, played sports with her friends. Amanda found her passion for fitness and nutrition in high school and proceeded with them ever since. She was always reading up on the nutrition and work outs. From running to weights you named it, she tried it.  And 2013 that’s when she found crossfit and she’s been here for five years. Instantly she loved the sport, the community.

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Jennifer Rajewski
Jennifer RajewskiCoach
Jennifer is a native Staten Islander who has always had a love for fitness. Jennifer’s athletic background includes competitive martial arts and running. After working with a friend to help her loose over 70 pounds and find a passion for health and fitness, Jennifer decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer and began working at a local gym teaching group fitness classes and working with individual clients. Looking to further test her athletic ability, Jennifer discovered obstacle course racing and decided to join Staten Island Crossfit as a way to improve her functional training to excel at completing these courses. She quickly fell in love with the competitive and supportive environment and decided to pursue certification to further enhance her knowledge.

-Crossfit Level 1
-Crossfit Scaling
-Registered Nurse
-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-NASM Specialty Coursework in: Neuromuscular Stretching, Balance Training, Core Training, Reactive Training, Resistance Training & Cardio for Performance.

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